Sunday, 29 January 2017

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January Favourites 2017

I can't believe January is almost over, I feel as if this year is going to fly by again. On the bright side though we survived the first month of 2017 so good job everyone!!

Here are some of the things I've been loving throughout January ...

Zoella Lazy Days Candle

I was lucky enough to receive the Lazy Days socks and candle gift set from the Zoella Lifestyle range for Christmas. As soon as I opened it I instantly smelt the candle. It has a fresh scent, which I was a bit unsure of at first, but after burning it a few times I fell in love with it. I have burnt this candle every evening throughout January, and still have over 1/4 of it left to burn so I am seriously impressed with how long it's lasted.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

This was another present I was lucky enough to get for Christmas, and I've been using it a lot throughout January. It's such a pretty palette and the shades are to die for. I'm so excited to use this palette more particularly in Spring/Summer and when I go on nights out.

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

Whenever I went on a school trip these were my go to sweets for the coach, and I still love them to this day. The last time I had these was a few years ago, so when I saw my local shop was selling them I picked up 2 bags. They're fruit flavoured jelly sweets covered in sugar I mean what's not to love? My favourite is probably the blackcurrant flavour although orange is a close 2nd. 

Let It Shine

The first of 2 talent shows I have been loving this month is Let It Shine. Let It Shine is being shown on BBC One on Saturday nights and is the work of Gary Barlow. The concept is to find 5 boys who will go on to star in a west end show featuring the music of Take That. Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue and Martin Kemp are the main judges with a different guest judge throughout each stage. I love how different this talent show is compared to shows such as The Voice or X Factor as you get to see people's talents without them telling a "sob story."

Dance Dance Dance

The second talent show I have been loving this month is Dance Dance Dance. Dance Dance Dance is being shown on ITV1 on Sunday nights and the concept is amazing. It features 5 celebrities and their partners recreating iconic dance scenes from the world of music and film such as MJ and Dirty Dancing. I'm rooting for JB and Chloe to win because I just love them as a couple and have done for many years, plus they have been smashing their dances week after week (pretty surprised they haven't had 10s yet)

  Ed Sheeran's New Music

This was probably my highlight of January. I love Ed Sheeran, he is one of the best artists ever so when he announced he was releasing new music I fangirled so hard. Ed dropped 2 new singles this month, Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill which I've had on repeat for weeks now. I love them both so much although my favourite out of the 2 is Castle On The Hill.

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