Sunday, 20 November 2016

# Lifestyle

15 Facts About Me

Today I thought I would do 15 facts about me to make my blog a little more personal.

 If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (My username is @Barbsxoxox on both btw) some of you might already know a little bit about me, but if you're new follower/reader I hope you learn something about me. I'd love to know some facts about you as well so please leave them in the comments section.

1. My name is Barbara and I'm currently 19 years old (get the boring facts out the way first)

2.  I'm an only child (sometimes I wish I had a sibling though)

3.  I have 2 pets, a cat and a dog and my phone camera roll is 90% pictures of them

4. I really want to go to Disney World in Florida

5. My first concert was JLS in 2012

6. I'm scared of spiders (small ones are ok I guess but anything bigger than a penny nope don't even go there)

7. I don't do well with early mornings unless I'm going somewhere exciting such as on holiday

8. Talking of holidays I've never been abroad (I did go to France for a day trip in year 7 at school but it wasn't a holiday, it was educational and we went to a small village with hardly anything there)

9. I love buying presents for other people especially at Christmas

10. I want to visit Canada so I can meet my internet best friend of 3 years (you know who you are)

11. I'm currently learning to drive after putting it off for 2 years because I was scared

12. I am a shopaholic especially when it comes to clothes (sorry bank account)

13. I am addicted to watching Netflix and Youtube videos

14. I don't have any tattoos yet although I want to get a small one on either my wrist or my foot

15. I would love to live near the sea when I'm older


  1. Lovely post☺ I am quite scared of learning to drive but I plan to start next year hopefully! Leonie x

    1. Aw thank you so much ☺ Good luck when you do start, it's really not that bad once you've learnt the basics I think I was more scared of the fact I was in the driving seat, rather than a passenger. Hopefully next year I'll pass my test! x