Monday, 2 January 2017

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2017 Goals

January is the time where everyone sets resolutions/goals for the year ahead, then tends to fail them within the first few weeks. I'm not going to lie a few years ago that was me I would say things like "in the new year I'm going to lose weight and get healthy" then fail come February. However for the past 2 years I've actually focused on the goals I've set myself and achieved them, and it feels amazing. 

So here are the goals I've set myself for 2017 ...

1) Pass my driving test - This was a goal I set myself last year and I half achieved it. I passed my theory in the summer which for me seems like the hardest part, because I don't do well in exam like conditions. However I stopped my lessons in October because I had way too much on, so this year I want to start them again and get my licence.

2) Meet up with friends moreThis one for me is quite important because me and my friends are all so busy either with our jobs or uni work. This year I really want to do stuff with them whenever possible. I also want to reconnect with people I've lost contact with (I'm not talking about friends from 10 years ago) but people I haven't spoken to for a few months.

3) Visit new places - This year I really want to visit new places. If money wasn't an object I would go on a round the world trip tomorrow, however I must think logically. This year I'm going to try and plan some day trips/weekend trips to places in the UK I've always wanted to visited. Travelling might cost a lot, but memories are priceless.

4) Post more on my blog - One of my goals for last year was to start a blog, which I did (10 months into the year) I posted on it once a week, so this year I really want to post on it more regularly. My aim is to do 2 blog posts a week and schedule them. However I know this will not always be possible because I might have a busy week, or won't have anything to write about. I also want my blog posts to be interesting and don't want to upload one just for the sake of it.

5) Read more books - When I was younger I used to read all the time, but when I started having exams and stuff at school I just stopped. I've read books since but not as often as I would like to. This year I would love to get back into reading again and discover some new authors. 

6) Be more positive - My final goal for the year is to be more positive about things. This was a goal of mine for 2016 and I started doing it and it definitely helped. However I was still looking at the negative side of things, so this year I've decided to set myself this goal again. Obviously I'm not going to be positive about absolutely everything but I want to work on the small things such as thinking about a new day. For example instead of me being like"ugh Monday tomorrow, worst day ever" being like "Monday tomorrow, let's make it a good day."

I think these goals are doable, and I'm looking forward to coming back to this post at the end of the year to see how many I've actually achieved. 

What are your goals for 2017?

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