Wednesday, 11 January 2017

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What's On My Bedside Table

I hate having clutter on my bedside table so I try to keep it as simple as possible. I do my skincare routine and things before bed so don't really need to keep those products there. My bedside table also has 3 drawers so I tend to just stick anything I don't need in them.

Lava Lamp -  The first thing I keep on my bedside table is my lava lamp. I got this for Christmas a few years ago, and thought my bedside table was the perfect place for it. It looks really cute when switched on, and I can take it out if I want to and just use the bottom as a bedside table lamp.

Q&A a day 5 year journalI keep this journal on my bedside table so that I remember to fill it in. It has a different question every day and you answer them for 5 years. I've be filling it in for 3 years now, and looking back at my previous answers makes me chuckle.

Glasses  I  always keep my glasses in my glass case on my bedside table if I'm not wearing them, mostly so I don't break them. However I also keep them here so that I can put them on straight away when I wake up.

Lip balm - Lip balm is an essential for me and I tend to take some everywhere I go, so it's only right that I keep one beside my bed. I always put some on just before I go to sleep, to stop my lips from becoming dry during the night. I'm currently using a candy cane flavoured one. (I know it's a Christmassy flavour but I love it and it's too good to stop using)

Candle - I love burning scented candles, particularly in my bedroom. It makes my room feel so cosy which is perfect especially during the winter months, and it also makes my room smell amazing before bed. I'm currently burning Lazy Days by Zoella which has a really fresh scent and is just heavenly.

I also keep my phone on my bedside table during the night whilst it is charging, but I used it to take these pictures so couldn't photograph it. If I'm reading a book I'll also keep that by my bed as well.

So that is everything I keep on my bedside table. 
What do you keep on yours?

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