Sunday, 11 December 2016

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What I Got My Dog For Christmas 2016

Today I thought I would do a little haul of everything I've bought my dog for Christmas from The Hungry Hounds Bakery.

For those not familiar with The Hungry Hounds Bakery, it's a company that make so many cute handmade things for dogs. They do Birthday cakes/ treats, toys, collars, basically everything you'd need to spoil your pooch. They also have the nicest customer service which for me personally is a must when ordering from somewhere.

I first came across this company at the beginning of the year when looking for a Birthday cake for my dog. I placed an order and a few days later the most impressive dog friendly cake arrived (my dog loved it FYI) Since then I have placed many more orders with them.

As soon as I saw that they had their Christmas range in I couldn't help myself.

Here's what I bought ....

WOOF Fillable Stocking - £5.99
The first thing I bought was this adorable stocking. I always get a stocking at Christmas, so thought it was only right that my dog gets to join in on the fun, I'm planning to fill this with some of the other goodies I've bought him. I just love the pattern on this, and it has a loop on top so you can hang it above the fire place alongside your own stocking.

Reindeer Rope Tug Toy - £8.99
The next thing I bought was this Reindeer Rope Tug Toy. My dog absolutely loves playing tug of war with his tug toys, so this is the perfect gift for him. However I kind of don't want to give it to him because look how cute it is.

Festive Boxed Dog Safe Chocolates - £10.50
The next thing I bought was this festive box of chocolates that are safe for dogs. We all love to munch on chocolates especially at Christmas time. These chocolates ensure your dog gets some sweet treats too. These chocolates are made using carob (a dog-friendly substitute for chocolate) and come decorated with cute little holly leaves. I also love the packaging, it's such a nice finishing touch.

Reindeer Cookies - £3.99

Christmas Tarts - £4.99

The next thing I bought were these Christmas tarts and reindeer cookies. The Christmas tarts come in a pack of 3 and the reindeer cookies come in a pack of 4. I just love how Christmassy they are, and they remind me of Christmas cookies and tarts the supermarkets sell but in dog form. 

They both come in this adorable packaging which says Merry Woofmas! on it. I'm a sucker for cute Christmas packaging like how can you not love this? Even though I know my dog is going to appreciate the treats more than the packaging, I couldn't not take a picture of it to show you.

Bowtie/Cookie Box Set - £10.50 
 The final thing I bought was this bowtie/cookie boxset. It contains a bowtie and  a Christmas tree shaped biscuit.

The bowtie has Velcro on the back and easily attaches to your dog's collar. I got the red Santa design and I absolutely love it. I'm going to put it on my dog's collar on Christmas Day and I know he's going to look handsome in it. I also adore the detail on the Christmas tree biscuit and the little paw print on the top which is their version of a star.

With my order I also received this complimentary herbal tea for dogs. It's basically tea for dogs which helps them with their digestion and breath. It can be served as a drink or sprinkled over their food. I'm quite excited to give my dog this and to see if he likes it, because I've never seen anything like this before.

So that is everything I bought my dog for Christmas. Normally I don't buy him so many things at once but as it's Christmas it's only right that he gets spoiled too, because he's a huge part of my family.

If you have a dog I highly recommend you check out The Hungry Hounds Bakery because you'll be surprised at how much amazing and unique stuff they sell.

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