Sunday, 23 April 2017

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Lush Easter Haul

It's no secret that I love all things Lush, so whenever they release a seasonal range I have to buy it all or at least most of it to try out. 

Here's what I picked up from their Easter range (along with a few kitchen exclusive items as well)

Golden Egg
The first thing I picked up was the absolute classic bath bomb/melt Golden Egg. It's covered in so much glitter you'll need to be near a sink to wash your hands even after just picking it up, but who doesn't love glitter? It shares it scent with Honey I Washed The Kids (which I adore) and includes cocoa butter to help keep your skin soft. Like I mentioned it does have a lot of glitter on it, so if you don't like your bath getting messy you might want to give this one a miss.

Lava Lamp Egg
This year Lush have released 3 of their bath bombs in double size for Easter. The first one is Lava Lamp. It contains cocoa butter and orange oil and is one of my favourites to use when I'm in need of a pamper, because it leaves my skin feeling soft for days. However the smaller version of lava lamp does leave behind some oils on the side of the bath which can be a pain to clean, so I'm intrigued to see if this will do the same.

The second bath bomb Lush have sized up is one of my all time favourites Intergalactic. They've called it Integgaltic for Easter which fits so perfectly but that's the only thing that's changed. It contains peppermint and grapefruit oil just like the original and leaves your bath a sparkly blue colour. This bath bomb will give you a soak that is truly out of this world.

The Experimenter Egg
The third bath bomb Lush sized up for Easter was The Experimenter which is another one of my favourites. Just like the original it contains 4 different colours, on one side there is pink and blue and on the other side there is white and orange. These colours then put on an epic show in your bath (it's like an actual rainbow) however they do all go a grey colour when you get in, which makes me so sad. One thing I particularly love about this bath bomb is the fact the scent stays throughout your whole bathing experience and it leaves your skin feeling super moisturised. 

Which Came First? (Spots And Stripes)
Lush have changed the design on their Which Came First? bath bombs this year, and I think they're perfect for Spring. The stripes design looks just like a sunshine and both designs are bright and vibrant. They share the same scent of grapefruit and lemon which makes for an uplifting citrus bath. I am yet to use these, however I have heard they are fast fizzers and they have a surprise in the middle which I am excited about.

Chick N Mix
Lush have done it again. They have released this new bath bomb for Easter 2017 which is just the cutest thing ever. This little guy is called Chick N Mix and is basically a chick in an egg (which just screams spring) I love that it's already divided because it means you can use it for multiple baths instead of just one if you wish (I'm undecided how I'm going to use mine yet) Chick N Mix has quite a woody/smoky scent and is not like anything I've smelt in a bath product before. It features bergamot and tonka which creates the perfect balance of zingy and calm. Out of all the products I purchased this is definitely my favourite.

The first bath bomb I got from the Lush Kitchen was Metamorphosis. The thing that drew me to this particular bath bomb was the colour and pattern on it. Lush describe this as a "symphony of darkness and light" because when placed in the bath a melody of bright colours are released. It features cinnamon and black pepper which is quite an unusual combination but nonetheless I am excited to use this and see the effect it creates in my bath. I have read some other reviews of this product and some people say the overall effect is quite underwhelming, and that it stains your bath but I'll just have to wait and see.

Sacred Lotus
The final product I purchased was also from the Lush Kitchen and is called Sacred Lotus. First of all it's 10/10 on the cuteness scale, and because I ordered it online it got sent in a plastic sphere so actually arrived in one piece. It has gorgeous floral scents and reminds me of something I've smelt before but can't quite put my finger on. Lush describe it as turning your bath a peach colour and that you'll be transported to a floral paradise. I think I'm going to save this bath bomb for a special occasion because I know once I use it I'll want to purchase it again, but it's currently sold out and with Lush you can never tell if they'll bring a product back.

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